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Laurel Dr. Residence


 This project is a one-story house with a unique combination of high glass windows, flat roofs, and a stunning exterior combining stucco, wood, and concrete. The exterior materials were carefully chosen to complement each other and create a harmonious look that blends with the surrounding landscape. Our biggest challenge was dealing with the slope which increased towards the end in the back and front yards. To reduce construction costs, we used the cut-and-fill method for the foundation. This method involves excavating the site and using the excavated soil to create a level surface for the foundation. By using this method, we reduced the amount of soil that needed to be hauled away and reduced the need for additional materials to level the site. We used water features, natural stones, and lush greenery in front yard to make it more beautiful. We had to demolish the existing house to make room for this new modern and functional design. We worked closely with the owner throughout the design and construction process, making sure that all details were communicated and approved.




 The front yard welcomes visitors with a grand entrance, including water features and wood siding, beautiful trees, and unique flooring. The backyard is the real gem of this project, with a specific design. We installed a beautiful water fountain that serves as a focal point. We also made a modern bar area that provides the perfect place for outdoor entertaining. The house has high ceilings that create a sense of spaciousness and airiness. The ceiling height varies in different parts of the house, creating a dynamic and interesting space. The house has large windows that allow natural light to flood the interior space. The windows are energy-efficient and provide excellent insulation to reduce heating and cooling costs. In addition, to ensure that the owner had a clear idea of the interior design, we created detailed renderings that showcased the proposed layout and design elements. The house is designed in a two-level configuration, with the master bedroom area separated from the other areas of the house by five steps. The interior of the house features a combination of dark materials and natural hardwoods, which create a warm and inviting atmosphere.



 This project was a great success, and the owner was thrilled with the result. It was a true collaboration between the owner and our expert team of designers. We were able to turn a challenging landscape into a beautiful and functional space that exceeded the owner's expectations. We are proud to have delivered a stunning one-story house that blends modern design with natural elements. This modern house with high ceilings and large glass windows is designed to provide a seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors. The use of the cut-and-fill method for construction allows for a reduction in costs, while the combination of dark materials and natural hardwoods creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The two-level configuration of the house separates the master bedroom area from the other areas, and the large TV area provides the perfect space for relaxing and entertaining. 

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